About Infinity Hormone Health

Hope is a Family Nurse Practitioner (NP) - During her undergraduate nursing degree Hope developed a love for everything in health. She began her nursing career as a Registered Nurse (RN) in a rural emergency department. Here she gained experience in assessment, recognition, and treatment of a variety of illness states. Working in this setting with a passion for health, Hope was inspired to take her nursing practice to the next level by completing a master of nursing degree and becoming a family NP. While taking her masters degree, Hope was inspired by one of her instructors, of whom provided Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy treatment (BHRT). As an NP, Hope is following her passion, which is to improve health, not just treat illness.

Hope started her NP career working on a reserve in a home care clinic. This was a very valuable place to start because Hope gained experience working with people of a variety of ages, cultural backgrounds, and communication styles. Here she also learned that health is subjective, and based on the patient's own wants and determinants of health.

Hope Rabel - Infinity Hormone Health

Hope's work experience, coupled with her exposure to hormone assessment and treatment during her degree allowed Hope to see a glaring hole in current health care services - hormone health is missing. Currently, the research on the provision of hormone health is lacking and biased. Hope sought advanced training in bioidentical hormone with Worldlink Medical taught by the renowned BHRT & TRT expert Dr. Neal Rouzier, MD because she believes BHRT to be a sound solution to the current gap in hormone health. BHRT combines the values of natural health solutions with current medical standards.

Working with Hope you will experience a different level of health care service. Hope believes that you are the expert of your own health and wellness. Therefore, she works with you as a partner to individualize and tailor your treatment to suit you and achieve your vision of optimal health.

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